Repair Request

To submit a repair request for your home, first log in to your tenant portal.  Once logged in, repair requests can be submitted by clicking the “Requests” button on the left column.  Once in the Requests Tab, you can “Create request” and enter in the necessary information; whenever possible please upload any pictures that might be helpful!  Once your request has been submitted, we can then assign it to the proper person, track the progress and get the issue resolved faster.

**Please do not group multiple repairs within the same request – submitting a separate request for each individual repair allows us to create a task for each item to ensure a timely repair**

If you are experiencing an emergency such as a house fire or burglary, please dial 911 for the proper authorities.  If you are a current tenant and are experiencing an urgent issue such as no heat, burst pipes or locked out of your home, you can find our RocRoom Maintenance phone number for current tenants within “Contacts” on the left column of your tenant portal.  Other important utility contact information can be found within this tab as well.

If you cannot access the portal for any reason please email

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