RIT Off Campus Housing

RocRooms’ Mentality: A Bit About Us

As an RIT alumnus, RocRooms’ founder created studious living spaces in Henrietta and the City of Rochester with the mindset of an RIT student. From a single bill for all of your housing-related expenses to easy maintenance requests, our goal is to provide desirable and convenient off-campus housing near RIT


Studious Environment

It can be hard to focus on classwork when you’re easily distracted. Our off campus housing is designed with the high achieving but easily-distracted student in mind. Being guaranteed your own space and a level of quiet that is hard to find, even in on campus housing, can be just a couple of the things we can assist you with to make your academic year a successful one.

We expect housemates to be courteous of the studying needs of others. If you need peace and quiet in your RIT off campus housing, living with RocRooms is a great solution.


What Our Residents Think About RocRooms



What our residents think about our properties near RIT

RocRooms knows the momentary panic that sets in when you find your RIT Housing Confirmation is for an inconvenient housing situation. When students live in RIT housing at the RIT Inn and Racquet Club, they have the added frustration of depending on unreliable bus systems thanks to parking permit restrictions. When you begin to look at apartments near RIT, consider our dedication to your comfort in a well-kept home.


Our Most Popular RIT Homes

Sunnyside Suites Unit 1 on W. Henrietta Road

Sunnyside Suites Unit 2 on W. Henrietta Road

River’s Edge across from RIT

Norman Hideaway across from Genesee Valley Park

Fairview Corner Unit 1 in the 19th Ward Neighborhood

Fairview Corner Unit 2 in the 19th Ward Neighborhood

RocRooms wants our residents to be as close to their universities as possible, and our RIT off campus housing selection is no different. With none of our RIT-oriented housing being more than 4.5 miles away from campus, it’s easy to choose affordable, quality housing without having a long commute.


What Sets RocRooms Apart

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