What Sets RocRooms Apart

Small Local Company:

We are based and run locally in Rochester. With fewer than 40 properties, you get the personal consideration you need and deserve.

Price Point:

We beat all RIT and University of Rochester on campus housing rates, while being even more dedicated to your needs, and offering superior service. RIT rooms simply can’t compete with the value we offer.


We want you to find housing that fits your needs, and money shouldn’t be an issue when paying for affordable student housing. We will look for ways that you can come live with us using school loans you have. We feel that the choice between on campus and off campus housing that is well-priced and maintained should be every student’s right.

Monthly Cleaning Service:

Once a month, RocRooms has a cleaning service come into your home to ensure that your common areas are clean and kept up.

Wi-Fi, Netflix, and Hulu Plus:

Wireless Internet is just one of the amenities included in your monthly rent. Each property has a unique IP address with an on-site router, to make any maintenance fast and simple.

One Bill For Easy Payment:

If you choose RocRooms for your Rochester off campus housing needs, you will have on-site laundry and utilities included in your rent, in addition to other great features that vary by property. As opposed to keeping track of separate bills for your rent and internet, as many RIT and UR apartments require, RocRooms has one bill to ensure an easy-to-remember payment schedule.

You Are Not Required to Find Your Roommates:

Unlike the traditional on campus housing selection process, we do not require you to fill an entire property on your own. If you are by yourself or have one other person to room with, we will help you find other roommates and match you up to fill a housing unit.

We Help You Find a Sublease:

If you sign a long-term lease with us and unexpectedly need to find someone to replace you, we are willing to work with you to find a suitable replacement. This ensures that your replacement will continue to contribute to the studious atmosphere and you do not have to be liable for rent.