Ithaca Intern Housing

RocRooms’ Mentality: A Bit About Us

RocRooms provides services ideal for Ithaca students who only plan on being in Rochester for the duration of their programs at the University of Rochester. We provide flexible, short-term leases as an alternative to expensive, on-campus housing. You may not have furniture or vehicles but still want affordable housing. RocRooms provides fully furnished rooms and common areas, high speed internet, cable, on site laundry, monthly cleaning of common areas, and lawn maintenance. We even provide cookware and dishware so that everything is conveniently set up before moving in and you don’t need to purchase anything extra. At RocRooms, we have created a student housing option providing peace of mind. Our goal is to provide convenient and desirable off-campus housing near the University of Rochester. Our customer service is a high priority and we respond quickly to maintenance requests and any concerns our students may have.

Walking Distance

Most of our properties are within walking distance to the University of Rochester Medical Center and Colgate Crozer Divinity school. We also have homes with convenient bus transportation. We have chosen ideal locations adjacent to UofR. Our properties are in neighborhoods bordering the University. The proximity of our homes to the University and bus lines, such as the U of R shuttle and RTS stops, makes them ideal for Ithaca students who do not have cars. It is also convenient to travel on a bike. If you do not own one, there is the option of purchasing or renting through these businesses: and There is also a bus system with extensive stops on routes

The Best Time to Choose Housing

The earlier the better- even if you won’t be in Rochester until May, you should start looking in the Spring before you plan to be here. As soon as you find out that you will be moving to Rochester, you should do your research and start planning. Our homes fill quickly!


We have homes that fit between 3 and 4 people. You get your own private room, access to the common areas, kitchen, and bathrooms. You can look with a group and all apply separately for the same home.

Location Safety

Our homes are generally located in safe neighborhoods. It is still important to keep your bedroom door locked when you are not home and especially lock the front and side doors when you leave the home. Some of our homes do have security systems.

Our homes closest to U of R Medical Center and Colgate Crozer Divinity School

South Place


Rossiter Cottage



Castleman Corner

Wilmot House

Rossiter Ranch