Internet Troubleshooting

RocRooms provides internet as a convenience as a part of our all-inclusive pricing. Although we are providing the internet, it is the home’s responsibility to help troubleshoot internet issues and contact/coordinate with the internet service provider as necessary. The intention is to provide each home with the tools to potentially correct an issue with the internet themselves to keep everything working, or at the very least troubleshoot it so we can determine a course of action to find a solution that much faster. Unfortunately, internet issues are not always cut and dry and can sometimes require significant diagnostic troubleshooting.

For issues with Spectrum Internet, see our Spectrum Internet Troubleshooting Guide.

The following homes have Spectrum: Arvine Colonial, Arvine Heights, Brooks West, Brooksview Units I & II, Congress Heights Units I, II & III, Elmwood Estate, Emerald Estate, Fairview Corners Unit I & II, Highland Suites, Pathway Villa, Puma Place Units I & II, River’s Edge, Sunnyside Suites Units I & II, Terrace Park, University Heights, Valley View.

For issues with Greenlight Fiber Optic Internet, see our Greenlight Troubleshooting Guide.

The following homes have Greenlight: Averill, Canal View, Castleman Corner, Castleman Loft, Edgeland, Edgemont, Elmerston View, Mt Hope Loft, Norman Hideway, Rossiter Cottage, Rossiter Ranch, South Place, Villa Del Sol, Whiteford, Wilmot House.