University of Rochester Off Campus Student Housing

RocRooms’ Mentality: A Bit About Us

During his years as a university student RocRooms’ founder created studious living spaces near the University of Rochester with the mindset of a college student. RocRooms provides fully furnished rooms and common areas, high speed internet, television service, free on site laundry, monthly cleaning of common areas, and lawn maintenance. The idea is to create a student housing option where there is no stress. Our goal is to provide desirable and convenient off campus housing near the University of Rochester. we have become one of the best options for University of Rochester Graduate Housing as well as undergraduate University of Rochester Off-Campus Housing.


Walking Distance

Most of our properties are within walking distance to the University of Rochester. We have chosen ideal locations adjacent to the University of Rochester. We have properties in all neighborhoods bordering the University of Rochester, including the South Wedge, the Strong Neighborhood,  the Genesee Valley, and the 19th Ward. We also have locations in Henrietta with convenient bus transport for those who do not want to be in the city.

Studious Environment

It can be hard to focus on classwork when you’re prone to procrastination. Our off campus housing is designed with the high achieving but procrastinating-prone student in mind. Being guaranteed your own space and a level of quiet that is hard to find, even in on campus housing, can be a few things we can assist you with to make your academic year a successful one.

We expect housemates to be courteous of the studying needs of others. If you need peace and quiet in your University of Rochester off campus housing, living with RocRooms is a great solution. You can visit your prospective house before you move in giving you peace of mind when it comes to your living situation.


What Our Residents Think About RocRooms



What our residents think about our properties near the University of Rochester

RocRooms knows the momentary panic that sets in when you find yourself in an inconvenient student housing situation. Most of our homes are within convenient walking distance and we also have some along the University of Rochester shuttle bus lines. When you begin your search for apartments near the University of Rochester, consider our dedication to your comfort in a well-kept home.


Our Most Popular University of Rochester Homes

Villa Del Sol on Crittenden Blvd

Rossiter Ranch on Rossiter Road

Edgemont on Edgemont Road

Elmwood Estates on Elmwood

RocRooms wants our residents to be as close to their universitie as possible, and our extensive University of Rochester off campus student housing selection is no different. With over 90% of our housing being less than 0.5 miles away from campus, it’s easy to choose affordable, quality housing with a commute of 10 minutes or less.


What Sets RocRooms Apart

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We beat all University of Rochester on campus housing options while being even more dedicated to your needs and offering superior service. University of Rochester rooms simply can’t compete with the value we offer.