Living with Other Students

Wondering what it’s like living in a RocRooms Home?  Read on to have a better understanding of the style of housing we strive to provide!

When we help match individual students, it is understood that the home will function and operate as a single family unit within a cooperative living environment.  Everyone has agreed in their lease to the rules and regulations as a baseline.  It is important that everyone in the home abides by these rules and everyone also helps keep each other accountable.  Speaking with your roommates when problems arise is always going to be the most effective solution.  It is important to note that it is not the property manager’s role to manage the relationships within a unit, as this is the responsibility of those residing within the home.  How each home wants to function as a single unit is entirely up to that particular home – from taking out the trash to washing dishes.  The following are some tips on what to expect and some things to consider when living in a RocRooms Home:

  • You may be in a home with two or three strangers prior to the lease start date.  Everyone will have different habits and expectations, and sometimes very different cultures and ways of living.  At first, this may be difficult to experience; however this can get much better through getting to know your roommates and communicating with them.  If there are differing opinions on how the house should operate we recommend taking a democratic approach to determining the solution.
  • We strive to provide safe, clean and affordable housing.  However, many of our properties are approximately 100 years old and they will sometimes have issues that need addressing, including pests.  Please understand that while we will do our best to resolve these issues in a timely and expedient manner, we may need tenant assistance/cooperation to address certain maintenance issues.
  • Be courteous and mindful of how your way of living can affect your roommates.
  • Kitchen advice and rules to abide by:
  • Wash your dishes right after using them.  This is when they are easiest to clean and is necessary for cohesive roommate living, as such we have made it a requirement in the lease.  
  • If items need to soak, choose an area that is out of the way, allowing others to use the sink.
  • Even just a couple of dishes left by each roommate can quickly become a huge pile that no one wants to address.  You may be busy but leaving your dishes for later will often cost you more time and stress overall.
  • Dirty dishes left out for more than 24 hours can begin to attract insects and other pests.
  • Trash is picked up once a week and recycling only every other week.  
  • Please refer to your property information sheet posted on the fridge with the schedule.  You can also find out more information here:
  • Be sure to put out the trash cans the day prior to your trash pickup day.  Be sure to put them back after collection.
  • Your house may need to make a chore sheet to help assist with this. Here is a Sample Chore Schedule that your home may find helpful.
  • If you’re going to have more than one person at the home for a period of time, talk with your roommates or send an email first.  It helps to communicate these things!  If somebody’s trying to study on a Friday night, it’s nice to know in advance if guests will be visiting.
  • If you park on the street, be aware of the parking rules and regulations posted on the signs.  Otherwise you could be fined with a $50 ticket by the City of Rochester.
  • Most RocRooms homes are located within walking distance to campus (with the exception of RIT) and as such many of your neighbors are students, professors, or affiliated with your academic institution.  However, there are some realities of living within an urban environment:
  • You are your own first line of defense and it is important to be vigilant about keeping you and your home safe
  • Keep first floor windows and doors locked at all times
  • Don’t walk around the streets at night with your head down, looking at your phone
  • Don’t leave items in your car overnight
  • We recommend keeping your keys accessible to all roommates, in order to avoid blocking someone in.  If a car is blocked in, and someone is not there to move it, that can become a real problem, even an emergency.  
  • If you have any bathroom time requirements or preferences, please let everyone know. Roommates sometimes need to all be ready at the same time and it certainly is not an ideal situation.  However, it can be much easier with a little coordination and your home may find writing up a schedule to be helpful.
  • RocRooms does not provide paper towels, toilet paper, dish/hand soap, etc.  Your home may want to create a schedule and list for these items as well.
  • If you use the last roll, replace it.  If the soap runs out, buy more.  Everyone in the home is an adult and it’s important for everyone to pull their own weight and communicate.
  • You may be strangers, with different backgrounds and beliefs. As in all human relationships you will probably be upset with each other from time to time.  Remember to keep the lines of communication open!  Don’t suffer in silence: If you’ve got a request, or suggestion, or you just want to talk about something, feel free to send out a group email to help work through issues.
  • Often such feuding can be incited by a simple lack of empathy for one’s neighbors, which prevents strangers from giving one another the benefit of the doubt.  Sociologists call this the “fundamental attribution error.”  When you allow residents to know one another, they are more likely to share empathy and be more forgiving of minor disagreements.  For more information on this:

What to Expect with RocRooms (rev. 7/19)