Rules and Regulations

 The following is a list of our resident policies that have been put in place to ensure everyone is able to fully enjoy the living space they occupy. These rules have been agreed upon by all residents in their housing lease. It is important that these rules are fully understood before making the decision to rent with us. It is much more important that we get residents who would prefer to live by these rules than those who are forced to.



Resident and guests are only permitted to use the parking space reserved for them. All Residents at the premises agree to keep no more than 3 vehicles parked at the premises at any one time. This is the maximum number of cars allowed at this property by the City of Rochester or Town of Brighton. Resident agrees to park vehicles in designated legal parking areas only. It is completely forbidden in the City of Rochester and the Town of Brighton to have vehicles parked on any other surface than the paved driveway or garage. All motor vehicles belonging to Resident that are parked on the grounds of the Premises must be validly registered, inspected, insured and have current license plates properly displayed. Furthermore, all vehicles must be in operable condition at all times or scheduled for repair immediately.

Garbage, Recycling, & Refuse:

Refuse must be sorted into recyclable, and non-recyclable, and placed into the proper receptacle. Refuse must be brought to curb every week the night before garbage pick-up is scheduled. The refuse containers may not be at the curb 24 hours before or 24 hours after collection day. If the city issues a fine for violating this rule, this fine will be placed against the resident’s account. The refuse collection schedule will be posted in your home or you can find it on the City of Rochester website. The scheduled pick up for the 19th Ward is Friday Morning. For the Strong, South Wedge, and Highland neighborhoods it is Thursday morning.


Disruptive or loud noise is prohibited. All television sets, radios, computers, etc. must be turned down to a level that does not annoy or interfere with any other residents or neighbors.


It is expected that each resident maintains the property in the same clean condition as when they moved in. The stove, counters, and dishes are to be washed within the same day they are used.

Common Areas:

Common areas include every area of the property, inside and outside the livable space that is shared by all residents. Common areas are to be kept clear of personal possessions. This includes any supplies from the bathroom, and school books from the living room area. Items may be brought into the common areas for study, bathing, etc, but must be removed with tenant’s exit from that common area. If the common areas need to be cleaned to maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness the offending resident(s) will be charged.


All overnight guest stays are contingent on the approval of all occupants of the property. An overnight guest may stay in a room up to four nights per month. No property should exceed more than 5 guests at any one time. Parties are strictly prohibited and will be taken as a very serious violation. The offending parties throwing a party can expect a $200 fine and a possible termination of their lease.

Common Area Damages:

Everyone in the home is also collectively responsible for the common area and the common area furnishings. If there is any damage or loss of property in the common areas then all known responsible parties will be charged. If there are no known responsible parties then the charges will be divided among all current residents. It is important to remember this liability throughout your stay so you can remember to report the damage of others to prevent being charged for something you were not responsible for. It is a good idea to keep an eye on household supplies that can be removed such as pots, pans, and dishes to prevent items from getting stolen or lost.


Residents accept full responsibility for all furniture in your room. Any loss or damage to the furniture will be charged to your account.


If one of your fellow residents is violating any rules or causing a disturbance to the household it is important to bring the matter to management. We will be able to act as mediators and correct the behavior without conflict between residents. You may call us directly to report a problem or anonymously report a problem with our complaint form We will follow these guidelines for repeat offenses:

First Incident:

Review the violated rule with the student.

Second Incident:

Review the rule again and document the problem.

Third Incident:

Up to a $35 fine, or lease termination depending on the nature of the problem.