Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do you allow Pets?

Unfortunately we do not allow pets such as cats or dogs. However, we do allow pets of the small cage variety – such as gerbils, hamsters, snakes, fish, even hedgehogs, just not ferrets.

Do you allow window Air Conditioners?

We do allow air conditioners in the home but we want our handyman to install the unit. Also, your home is allotted a utility budget and if it goes over that amount then we will have to charge the excess used.

Internet Issues
Power Outage?
What’s best to use when I want to hang items on the wall – command strips, tape, nails, or tacks?

The best way to prevent wall damage is to simply not hang anything. Command strips cause the most damage if not removed properly, tape can leave a sticky residue, and nails and tacks create holes that need filling. If you do choose to hang items on your wall we recommend using Mavalus Tape as it is the least likely to cause wall damage

When is garbage collected?