Student Housing Comparisons

The Cost:

Category:  Studio Apartment 3 Bed Apartment RocRooms Housing
Base Rent: $800-$900     $1300-$1700 $450-$700
Heat  75 100  Included
Electric  50 100 Included 
Internet 55  55 Included 
TV 50  50  Included 
Laundry  20  60  Included 
Furniture & Supplies  75  150  Included 
Monthly Cleanings  100  100  Included 
Total  $1225-$1325 $1915-$2315   
# of People  1  3-4
Cost Per Person   $1225-$1325  $638-$772 $450-$700

* In the above table cost per person for a 3 bedroom student apartment in Rochester is cheaper compared to the cost of our shared student housing. The furniture cost is averaged out over a 2 year lease. Furthermore with your own 3 bedroom setup, you are dependent on your roommates; if they do not pay you could be stuck with bill. As a roommate of RocRooms you are only responsible for your portion of the rent, whether the your roommates are paying or not.


The Experience:


Studio Apartment

Depending on your priorities and budget a studio apartment can be your best situation. You will have the privacy and the convenience of living alone. If your personality is better suited to having your own space, getting your own apartment is probably best.

Traditional Multiple Bedroom Apartment

There is no real advantage to getting your own apartment over a RocRooms apartment. You will also be missing out on our availability and readiness to serve you. We are driven to ensure your satisfaction, this cannot be said of most landlords and proeprty managers. Long delays on repairs could ruin an otherwise pleasent housing experience.

RocRooms Housing

For the majority of students our housing will prove to be the optimal situation. From the moment you start the process, you will notice that most of the work has already been completed for you. The utilities are all setup, the furniture is already purchased, delivered, and in place. Dishes and utensils are available and ready for your use. The property is clean and any problems have been remitted. The wireless internet and network are setup and ready to go. There is a 24 hour service available to you if you have any problems with the house or any concerns about your roommates. It is in our lease and we will enforce a cleanliness policy, a noise policy, and a guest policy, that is fair to all of the roommates in the house. You will also have the convenience of having to pay one bill for rent and all utilties. We even have a service where you can pay that bill online. When education is your top priority there is no comparison when it comes to what we offer. It is our mission to serve the student and make your life easier. We believe in this and our motivated to provide this quality service.