Property Management

Leasing Your Property To Us

Our leasing program was created to enhance and expand what we offer to our students and interns. As a leasing company we give tremendous value and service to our property owners. Our successful student housing business allows us to eliminate the typical risks associated with renting to students. Our rooms are in very high demand from responsible and studious students, allowing us to ensure year-round occupancy with quality tenants. To qualify for this lease program the property must be in good condition and in areas that are highly desired by students.

Our Promise

Along with guaranteed rent, we will also provide the following.

We will maintain the property in the same or better condition than when first leased. We will pay for and fix any damage caused by our tenants. This includes painting marked and scratched walls, fixing broken tiles or windows, shampooing carpets, etc.

Monthly cleanings of the common areas allows us to inspect the property each month. This allows us to ensure that the property is kept in great condition and that the students are following the housing rules.

We will Notify you of any large maintenance items that need to be addressed and when. This includes projects such as exterior painting, replacing a water heater, or installing a new furnace. We can also recommend and manage any contractors you will need. Our contractors will give you great quotes because of the volume of work they do with us.

If requested, we are willing to manage any contractors needed to perform these large maintenance projects. You will only be required to pay the bill.

By leasing your property our aim is to make owning a property as effortless as possible. This is reflected throughout our entire system which has been built with that ideal in mind. We want you to be able to sit back relax and collect a check free of stress and worry.
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