Student Housing Scholarship

The Summer Student Housing Scholarship awards the full cost of a Roc Rooms off-campus room for the summer semester (usually the end of May through the middle of August). The scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence, individual character, and need. To be officially entered please fill out the application form and personal statement below. The scholarship is open to students accepted to universities in the Rochester, NY area.

Download Application Form




Application Form

Complete and sign the application form. Scholarship application materials should be emailed or mailed to the address on the last page of this package. Postmark deadline for this application is April 15. Earlier submission of the application is encouraged.


Roc Rooms Summer Student Housing Scholarships are available to any undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in a Rochester area university. Cooperative education students and students on summer break are eligible.


University and/or Community College transcript is required. Official transcripts are preferred. Please include GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Personal Statement

Please provide a short and concise personal statement as indicated on the application.





Roc Rooms & Rentals
1736 Mt. Hope Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620


Application Deadline: April 15