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Graduate Students Seek Studious Atmosphere in RocRooms

by Holden Miller 16 July 2012 06:07

At RocRooms, we offer the type of housing environment that graduate students seek.  Over the past year, we’ve received increased interest from graduate students at R.I.T. and U of R because we provide an atmosphere conducive with rigorous university programs. We have rules against parties and limit the number of guests (5 per home) so that the home remains comfortable for all roommates.  Gr...

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Transfer Student? RocRooms will make your transition smooth!

by Holden Miller 05 July 2012 05:07

If you are transferring to a school in the Rochester area, RocRooms can make the transition of changing schools and towns so much easier.  We provide all furnishings to make the move easier- you don’t even need to bring cookware!  We also supply basic cleaning supplies so you don’t have to worry about that either. We understand that you are looking to start fresh in Rochester and the last...

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RIT Housing: Global Village

by Holden Miller 11 June 2012 04:06

Global Village, a sustainable residential community that cost RIT $54.5 million to build, provides a variety of amenities but comes at a high price.  Global Village offers student housing, dining facilities, food markets, a fitness center, a hair salon, and a print and postal center.

The apartments each have 5 furnished bedrooms: 4 singles and 1 double.  The apartments, which are only a...

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RIT Housing: The Province

by Holden Miller 28 June 2011 11:06

The newest venture to enter R.I.T.’s student housing market is The Province. A company with five other housing complexes in Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio, Province brings a mix of general knowledge and local naïveté to their newest development here in Rochester. From delays in its initial construction to cont...

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RIT Housing: Park Point

by Holden Miller 22 June 2011 09:06

For RIT students, Park Point holds a love/hate dichotomy. On one hand, there are several restaurants that are affordable and within walking distance of campus and there are decent events held in Simone Square, the heart of Park Point. On the other hand, living there prohibits you from getting a parking pass from RIT and it can be difficult to park near your apartment when larger events are going o...

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