Roommate Testimonials

Jonah Richards (Student, University of Rochester)

"I had a wonderful experience renting a room in the Terrace Park house during my Master's year at the University of Rochester. The location was perfect, only a 15 minute walk across the footbridge to the River campus. The second selling point was the fact that the house was fully furnished. Instead of having to spend time and money searching for furniture I was able to move my stuff into my room. The third selling point was the fact that all the utilities, including internet and cable, were already included in the monthly rent. A major bonus is the monthly cleaning service and a free washing and drying machines. Like any place the house has its flaws. The house is old, small and only has one bathroom so be prepared to share the living space with other people (including members of the opposite gender). The house is located in the 19th ward which has earned a questionable reputation among students. I have found this reputation to be grossly exaggerated. I have never once been troubled by locals on my trips to the University (even when traveling late at night). Like any urban neighborhood you need to use common sense like being alert when going out and locking the doors and windows after leaving the house (once when the house was unlocked a laptop was stolen). Still I have found Terrace Park to a quiet working class neighborhood where families and students reside peacefully together.I have found the ROC staff to be a great resource. Whenever I contacted them with a problem they quickly responded. They are extremely efficient whether it's a mechanical or a housemate issue. Their professionalism combined with a friendly nature makes them extremely easy to work with.I would highly recommend ROC housing to local university students looking for a place to stay. My house's location combined with being fully furnished and all the great services included made it the perfect fit for me during a very challenging academic year."

Raymond Zheng

"Renting with RocRooms has been easy, dependable and affordable. Being from RIT with a mandatory co-op program, I knew I was going to be away for at least a year. Having dealt with subletting and paying for an uninhabited apartment before; only RocRooms has been able to work with me in finding sublets. Being gone for 9 months, I would have been out $4,275 paying for rent but thanks to Brett's help I only paid a small sublet fee. Coupled with the reliable maintenance, affordable rent and the free effortless monthly online payments, I know for sure that I will be living with RocRooms for the remainder of my college years."

Lori Erickson

"I so appreciate your promptness and willingness to work with us on this, Brett. I'm impressed by your business practices. My son needed to find a room near the Univ. of Rochester in advance of starting school, but wasn't able to visit in person. We were very impressed by the service we received through RocRooms. Their website is very informative and easy to navigate, and Brett answered all of our emails within just a few hours. We especially appreciated being able to switch to another location when my son changed his mind about where he wanted to live. Arranging for housing at a distance is always harder than doing so in person, but Brett made it very easy. We live in another university town, and we wish our community had a company like this!"

Yimin Xia

"Wowww you are such a NICE landlord"

Jennifer Olson (Student, University of Rochester)

"My plan was to find a house that myself and a couple friends could live in together during the school year in order to not have to pay for really expensive campus housing. We found a house through Roc Rooms and Rentals that was a very short distance from campus and costs about half as much as living in the dorms! I was very apprehensive when it came to signing the lease though. I was not sure if I would be going abroad in the spring and I was not able to stay in Rochester during the summer months. Brett called me after he noticed that I was taking an exceptionally long time to sign the lease, and by talking me through all my options, he really made my situation a lot less stressful. I had always thought that people who worked in the housing business were just out to get as much of the renter’s money as possible. This is not what I found with Roc Rooms and Rentals. While talking on the phone with Brett, he said that in the past three years, they haven’t had a single room go vacant and that they would be sure to fill it while I was abroad. Not only that, but for the summer months, they would cover the sublet cost for me. A business that was out to get my money would definitely not be giving me the option to sublet for FREE!! When I heard that they were going to cover my subletting fee for the summer, I knew that Roc Rooms and Rentals was a business that actually cares about the renter and works with the renter to make sure they are in the best situation possible. My experience with Roc Rooms and Rentals has been nothing less than exceptional. They are a business that I can trust and feel comfortable with. Plus, they are saving me THOUSANDS of dollars in housing costs!!! Roc Rooms and Rentals is AWESOME! "

Marc (Graduate Student, University of Rochester)

"As a University of Rochester graduate student and newcomer to the Rochester area, I greatly appreciated the all-inclusive package offered by RocRooms. The fact that they put everything together so that I as a tenant could focus on my studies really helped save me a lot of time and energy in looking for housing! There were some growing pains throughout the process, but I appreciated the staff’s great response to my feedback, and I believe they are committed to building a great experience for any and every student looking for convenient and affordable housing in Rochester. "

Yi Clinical Medicine Student

Thank You

Ryann Fitzpatrick (Recent Graduate, Buffalo State College)

"Moving into a new place is often stressful. I can empathize with feelings of apprehension about a new place and new roommates. After I met with Jesse and toured his property, I knew it was a great fit for me. My apartment is spacious, located close to several things in Rochester, always has street parking and the best part is, I pay ONE bill per month! Jesse has been an exemplary landlord. He goes above and beyond to answer questions, fit your needs for housing and take care of any property issues that may arise. His professionalism and compassion make him a great person to rent from."

Ekaterina Mishnaevski (University of Rochester Intern)

"I came to Rochester to finish my medical internship at the University of Rochester; one of the biggest issues we came across was finding an affordable place to live. I spoke with a friend of ours and he recommended Roc Rooms and Rentals. I used the website to view the homes and was very impressed with the functionality and the quality of their homes. The website listed the available dates, price per room, pictures of the homes, and all the amenities of each individual room. I met with Brett the property manager who gave me a tour of the home; he went of his way to help us with the move. We did not have any furniture to move in, he provided us with two futons and two full size beds without any extra cost. The home was freshly painted, cleaned very thoroughly, and the floors refinished. They also provided us with a washer and dryer with no extra cost. As a student I find Roc Rooms to be a very convenient alternative to campus living. The house is very close to the University, only a 15 minute walk and I love living with other students in the neighborhood. Roc Rooms provided us with a one of a kind service, and a wonderful house with low rent that we could not find anywhere else. I am going to finish my internship in a few months and plan on coming back to Rochester. Now that I can count on Roc Rooms with providing me with housing it is one less problem that I have to worry about. Thank you Roc Rooms and Rentals!!!!"

Amanda Burns (RIT undergraduate)

"I choose Roc Rooms and Rentals because they offer housing that is very flexible and because of the ease of paying only bill each month. I first moved in March of 2008. The experience living at Roc Rooms and Rentals has been very enjoyable and low stress. I would recommend Roc Rooms and Rentals to anyone who would listen to me. This living set up is not only good for students but young professionals as well. The company offers everything a person could need. They include washer and dryer, all appliances and room furnishings. The prices at Roc Rooms are very fair and much cheaper than staying in a dorm. When I first began looking for a place to live I compared the prices from a single RIT dorm for one quarter and was able to save over $900 by choosing Roc Rooms."