5 Ways to be a good RocRooms Roomate

by kenny@rocrooms.com 24. January 2011 08:18

1. Communicate: Don't just ignore the other people who live with you, even if you were strangers when you moved in. Be friendly! Talk to them and discuss your living habits. It makes everyone more comfortable with each other, which promotes a better living situation.


2. Share: If a roommate needs a small item, it would be nice if they did not need to go out and buy something already in the house. Sharing something with a roommate makes them want to return the good deed, and can save everyone money when you buy in bulk.


3. Make Lists: For tasks that need to be done by everyone in the house, make a list. From grocery lists to a dishes schedule, a written schedule makes everyone responsible for chores, which makes getting them done more efficient.


4. Clean Up: Cleaning up after yourself makes your roommates happier and makes the houses easier to live in.


5. Parking Etiquette: In most of our housing, parking etiquette is necessary to make parking easy and available to everyone. Try to park so the other roommates won't have a hard time trying to fit in parking spots.


*This post has been edited by Carolyn*