Graduate Students Seek Studious Atmosphere in RocRooms

by haley 16. July 2012 06:27

At RocRooms, we offer the type of housing environment that graduate students seek.  Over the past year, we’ve received increased interest from graduate students at RIT and UofR because we provide an atmosphere conducive with rigorous university programs. 

We have rules against parties and limit the number of guests (5 per home) so that the home remains comfortable for all roommates.  Graduate students find peace of mind living with RocRooms because of our rules and communication with tenants. 

Many graduate students look for single rooms and live with other students that they have not met before.  We can set prospective tenants up with each other’s contact information so that everyone can communicate before making final decisions.  Usually roommates get along fine because we have rules that are for everyone’s benefit and easy to follow.  If there happens to ever be a problem with a roommate, we encourage communication and have a warning system if rules are not followed.

We also provide you with all furnishings so that you don’t need to move heavy furniture all the way from home to Rochester.  You also won’t have to waste your time and money buying new furniture.  If there is ever a problem with the home that requires maintenance, simply fill out a maintenance request form online and we will fix it as soon as possible.

We understand that Graduate school is expensive and offer rooms at competitive prices.  You can’t find more affordable housing on campus.  The average rent for a RocRoom is about $600/month for a 12-month lease.   This all-inclusive rent is paid in one easy online, monthly payment and includes all costs: rent, utilities, heat, electric, wireless Internet, cable, laundry, water, cleaning service, lawn maintenance, and snow removal. 

Sometimes, problems with housing can be a distraction and we do everything we can to minimize the effort you spend making housing work for you.  We do the work so that you don’t have to.  We want to make housing simple for students so that you have extra time and energy to focus on you number one priority: education.  


Transfer Student? RocRooms will make your transition smooth!

by haley 5. July 2012 05:05

If you are transferring to a school in the Rochester area, RocRooms can make the transition of changing schools and towns so much easier.  We provide all furnishings to make the move easier- you don’t even need to bring cookware!  We also supply basic cleaning supplies so you don’t have to worry about that either. 

We understand that you are looking to start fresh in Rochester and the last thing you want is even more debt from living in expensive on-campus housing.  Our student housing is affordable and convenient.   The monthly bill is all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about separate bills for utilities, Internet, cable, etc.  All of these expenses are included in your online bill and each home has wireless Internet, cable, and a television.

Since you are transferring, housing with RocRooms is ideal because we find roommates for you and each student has a separate lease- you don’t have to worry about roommates paying their share of the rent!  We show prospective tenants the home and you can receive their contact information if you would like.  If you prefer to live with a specific gender, we pay attention to your preferences and do our best to meet them.  You can also find your own roommates but it is not a requirement.  We have rules to make the living situation stress-free such as no parties and limiting the number of guests (5 per house).

It’s time to get out of the dorms and into the ROC!  Just because you are transferring schools does not mean living on campus is the best decision.  By living off-campus, you have a level of independence that you can’t get living in cramped, shared, on-campus housing.  Our homes are in close proximity to RIT and UofR so you are close to campus but just far enough away to really experience Rochester. 

RocRooms will provide the peace of mind living situation you are looking for.  Your new room will be a quiet place to study and relax.  Since you have made the decision to change schools, you have enough to worry about with a new campus and new classes- you don’t need to worry about housing when you choose RocRooms.


RIT Housing: Global Village

by haley 11. June 2012 04:46

Global Village, a sustainable residential community that cost RIT $54.5 million to build, provides a variety of amenities but comes at a high price.  Global Village offers student housing, dining facilities, food markets, a fitness center, a hair salon, and a print and postal center. 

The apartments each have 5 furnished bedrooms: 4 singles and 1 double.  The apartments, which are only available to 2nd year RIT students and older, cost at least $760 per month (for a double without a kitchen) and at most $892 per month (for a single with a kitchen).   The rent is included in each student’s quarterly RIT bill so there is no separate bill for rent, cable, etc.  Some of the apartments do not have kitchens but there is one communal kitchen on the first floor of each building.  For the apartments that do have a kitchen, it is only 11 x 11 feet and there is no garbage disposal or dishwasher.

One student who lived in Global Village said he really liked that is was close to dining facilities and that laundry was in the building.  He did not like “how small the rooms were, especially the double.”  He also complained about how “the bathrooms drained terribly, the fridge was too small, the couches were super uncomfortable…  It was really expensive for how small the apartment was and for how few washers and dryers there were in the entire building.” 

Some commonalities between Global Village and RocRooms are that each apartment is furnished and includes utilities.  However, RocRooms comes at a much more affordable price and offers great service.  Both Global Village and RocRooms feature individual leases so that you are not responsible for the rent of your roommates.  Each RocRoom apartment comes with an oven, refrigerator, microwave, laundry, wireless Internet, and cable.

RocRooms properties have private yards that are maintained with complementary snow removal and lawn maintenance.  In addition, RocRooms includes a monthly cleaning service to tidy up the common areas.  Most of our properties include free and easy parking; when available, residents have the option of garage parking at $20 per month.  Our apartments also come with basic kitchen utensils and supplies for your convenience. 

Rent is a very important aspect of student living that RocRooms pays special attention to.  We have competitive pricing and understand how expensive housing can be for college students on a tight budget.  We do the best we can to save you money.  Bills are also streamlined into one easy online monthly payment. 

The average cost for a RocRoom will be $550 per month this year.  The amount of total housing space in each unit ranges from 1,200 sq ft to 2,200 sq ft.  Some RocRooms for this year will have all-inclusive options as low as $425 per month.  Global Village costs close to $900 per month and has much less space.   A single Global Village bedroom is only 12 x 18 feet and the living room is 11 x 12.  Also, Global Village requires that you live with 5 other students.   One student felt “six is too many for one fridge and two bathrooms.”  Roc Rooms has apartments with 3 to 5 bedrooms and plenty of space between them.

While Global Village is right on campus, which may appeal to RIT students (especially for those without a car), RocRooms offers relatively close housing options for a much more affordable price with comparable amenities.  Even though Global Village has a lot of extra features such as dining facilities and a salon, the businesses are open to the public.  RocRooms provides you with comparable amenities such as: lower rent, your own space, and a level of independence that living in close quarters with hundreds of other RIT students cannot provide.


Keeping Your Home Safe: Helpful Hints

by brett 30. November 2011 04:16

No matter what part of Rochester we may decide to live in, it is allways important to take safety precaustions to keep you and your belongings safe.  One of the most imprtant steps you can take is to introduce youself to your neigbhors, this helps to establish a line of communications and creates a sense of unity.  


Keeping an eye out for one another is a great way to help reduce crime. 


Here are some general safety tips to keep in mind:


  • The greatest deterrent to break-ins is to have your home appear occupied. If you go out, leave on the TV or a radio, as well as lights in various rooms.
  • The harder it is to get into a house, the greater the chance burglars will bypass it. Don't have "hiding places" near doors or windows.
  • Be absolutely sure all the doors and windows are locked. Use heavy duty locks and strike plates.
  • Put a wooden dowel in the bottom track of sliding doors.
  • Leave outside lights on at all times, or install motion detector lights. This is especially important at the rear of your house.
  • If you are broken into, call the police immediately; don't touch anything so the police can dust for fingerprints.
  • Have a neighbor keep a watchful eye on your home and return the favor.

Stay safe.


Simple Tips for Student Saving

by brett 8. November 2011 03:09

We want to thank Melinda Carter, a recent graduate for making a guest appearance on our blog!

As winter break approaches on most campuses, many freshmen are just now getting acclimated to the financial rigors that can come along with the first semester away from home. Money is often an issue in college, with student loans and not much money putting a limit on overall spending. Luckily, tons of first time students have waivered the waters of money problems in college by taking advantage of money saving tactics.

One of the first areas to key in on saving is housing. This could start when looking for sophomore housing arrangements during your second semester of school. Luckily, there are some great resources that promote affordable and quality student living are continuing to grow. For example, in the Western New York area, Roc Rooms is a great source for local students looking to find Rochester apartments that have good locations, prices and quality living spaces.

Many students adapt to saving money buy eating small meals such as ramen and macaroni and cheese that can be bought in bulk. Saving money on food can be done without having to eat snack type meals such as those previously mentioned. At the grocery store, you can sign up for programs which give discounts and points for frequent shoppers. Also, the natural route of coupons is a big assist to students looking to get a bang for their buck.

Another thing to remember as a student is to simply take advantage of being in school. Many restaurants and stores near universities often hand out discounts when a student id is shown. Most movie theaters also have discounted rates of a dollar or two for students as cinema tickets continue to drive up prices.

Staying away from a credit card is usually a pretty solid suggestion. While it’s hard not to use credit during college years with the difficulty of financial requirements, building debt up is unacceptable. Having one credit card to build up your score during college is probably okay, however you should look to avoid carrying more than one could be dangerous. Stay on top of your finances by making a budget complete with spending allowance and expenses, which will help keep you on top of your finances.

Certainly there are other ways students can save money during college, but acclimating to a few suggestions can definitely help the process for freshmen. In the end, saving money on items such as groceries and choosing to stay away from multiple credit cards can not only allow for less stress right now, but it can also keep away future burdens such as credit card debt.  


"The Wedge" Roc Rooms 1st Annual Charity Event

by brett 31. October 2011 07:14

The Wedge published an article in the November/October issue covering Roc Rooms and Rentals 1st annual Charity Event!

The article can be read on p.7, give it a read.  

The silent auction was a great sucess, we look forward to planning and raising money for a new charity next year.  If you would like to be part of our planning comminty please contact 



In The News

Saving Money in College

by Carolyn Dunne 22. August 2011 16:45
RocRooms wants to help our residents remain as debt free as possible during college. From our summer housing scholarship and work study program to the free and low cost events that we now provide, we want to help you conserve your money.There's a fine line between working to have spending money for your social life and working so much that you don't have any time to spend with friends. To help the student that wants to make money with nontraditional work, we've compiled a list of options available to the college student.

Try them out, and let us know how you fare. We would love to include your story on our blog!

RIT Housing: The Province

by Carolyn Dunne 28. June 2011 11:10

RIT Housing: The Province

The newest venture to enter RIT’s student housing market is The Province. A company with five other housing complexes in Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio, Province brings a mix of general knowledge and local naïveté to their newest development here in Rochester. From delays in its initial construction to continuing problems with trash removal, the growing pains of Province are tempered by their staff and communal amenities.

Hosting events quite regularly in their clubhouse, Province seeks to provide students with a quality and social experience. From Free Food Fridays to casino nights, the marketing staff effectively raises awareness of their event schedule through Facebook and e-mail. With a pool, volleyball court, fitness center, theater, and several other features in their clubhouse, their attention to community building is definitely present.

RocRooms recently began to develop its own resident events. Beginning in the summer of 2011, we are offering more opportunities for residents to come together and hang out at private and Rochester events that are low or no cost to them. Our residents help guide us toward the types of events they would like to go to, reflecting our core value of flexible, friendly and prompt service.

Province and RocRooms both feature individual leases, to ensure that you are not responsible for the rent of your roommate if they leave for any reason. Both have individual fully furnished bedrooms for each student. Each apartment comes equipped with an oven, refrigerator, microwave, on site laundry, wireless Internet, cable and all-inclusive utilities.

In addition, RocRooms properties have private yards that are maintained with complementary snow removal and lawn maintenance. RocRooms also includes a monthly cleaning service that tidies up your common areas. Most of our properties feature easy and free parking, and when available, the option of garage parking at $20 per month. Our properties even come equipped with basic kitchen utensils and cookware for your convenience. We also feature an annual summer housing scholarship, which is unique to our student housing company.

Rent is an ever-present aspect of student housing that RocRooms takes seriously. Having competitive pricing for the value of staying with us is a major consideration for RocRooms. We know how expensive housing can be on a college student budget, so we always look to save you money. We also streamline your bills into one simple monthly online payment, another commonality with Province.

The average cost for a RocRoom will be $550 per month this year, and the amount of total housing space in each unit ranges from 1,200 sq ft to 2,200 sq ft. During this academic year RocRooms will have some all-inclusive options for as low as $450 a month. In contrast, Province rent range starts at $700 - $850 per month for each individual and can go even higher from there. The rent each individual pays seems to be based upon the number of residents in the unit. Their selection in the type of housing you live in also makes it unique from RocRooms’ housing options, which is largely limited to four or five person living situations.  Province’s Quartet and Trio options are the closest in comparison to RocRooms properties, and are 1,200 to 1,500 sq ft with rent starting at $700 per month.

“Though it is a little expensive, if a resident makes full use of the property then it's worth the money,” said a rising fourth year Hospitality student currently living in Province. When asked for the top dollar amount he would pay, he replied that $900 was the maximum he would pay for his larger studio apartment, which will cost $835 per month this year, up from last year’s $785 per month. “The main reason I stay is because it's close to campus... But for the rent to go up so much because of ‘property value’ when the service and quality doesn't change is somewhat ridiculous.”

With pricing being, on average, fairly similar in a four roommate situation, you need to look at what appeals to you. RocRooms has committed to building a quiet, respectful and studious environment for our residents to thrive academically. We ask our residents to limit their guests to 4 people per resident to help achieve this, and also select quieter neighborhoods to develop our properties for this reason. Province is much closer to RIT, and is on an RIT-sponsored bus line that easily brings you to campus. However, the issue of others’ living spaces being so close to your own may lead to distractions.

As our source mentioned, living at Province is “like any apartment, it's what you make of it. Though I've had some problems, I don't regret living [there].”

RIT Housing: Park Point

by Carolyn Dunne 22. June 2011 09:18
For RIT students, Park Point holds a love/hate dichotomy. On one hand, there are several restaurants that are affordable and within walking distance of campus and there are decent events held in Simone Square, the heart of Park Point. On the other hand, living there prohibits you from getting a parking pass from RIT and it can be difficult to park near your apartment when larger events are going on.

Like RocRooms, Park Point apartments are fully furnished and are leased to individuals rather than a group lease. Individual leasing means that you are only responsible for your portion of the rent.  If a roommate leaves the housing you share only they can be held liable for their share of the rent. RocRooms and Park Point both have a washer and dryer in each apartment, and  shopping and public transportation are available to residents. Rent can even be paid online for both companies to save you some time.

When comparing the two options for RIT housing, one finds features that cater to different needs of students. Park Point is closer to campus, which is more convenient for an RIT student without a car. They also have on-site security and a new clubhouse, opening in the summer of 2011. The clubhouse includes a fitness center and courts that improves upon their former gym, as well as a pool and hot tub, grills, study area and theater.

“[It] will be better once they have their club house built since the other features aren't that great. Their gym is small and I hardly ever used it,” a rising fifth year Multidisciplinary student replied when asked about their experience at Park Point.

RocRooms may not be as close to campus, but you have much lower rent, your own space, and a degree of independence that living in close quarters with hundreds of other RIT students just can’t give you. RocRooms has committed to keeping rent for each resident under $700 per month at all of our properties for the 2011-2012 academic year.  During this academic year RocRooms will have some all-inclusive options for as low as $450 a month.  

RocRooms wants to make our residents’ of campus housing all-inclusive, to bring them peace of mind. Most of our properties have easy and inexpensive parking, starting at $20 per month if for garage parking and free for any other available parking. Our properties even come equipped with basic kitchen utensils and cookware for your convenience. We also offer complementary snow removal and lawn care, so you never have to worry about shoveling your driveway or mowing your lawn. However, what truly sets RocRooms apart from other off campus housing is our monthly cleaning service to all common areas.

While our average cost for a room will be $550 per month this year, the cheapest room you will find at Park Point is $625 per month for a room in a five bedroom apartment. Park Point will be charging up to $1,300 per month for a one bedroom with a balcony for the upcoming calendar year. If you are looking for housing on your own or with one other person, Park Point’s rates simply won’t fit your need for affordable housing.

The size of our off campus housing ranges from 1,200 sq ft to 2,200 sq ft in comparison to Park Point’s 1,100 to 2,200 sq ft. Because we only work with houses, you are infrequently bothered by your neighbors’ noise, giving you the quiet you want. In Park Point many of the walls in your apartment are shared with your neighbors, making it harder to find the peace and quiet you want.

We hope that this comparison will help you determine which student housing option is best for you.

Democrat and Chronicle Interviews RocRooms

by Administrator 21. June 2011 09:52

Last week, Erica Bryant of the Democrat and Chronicle interviewed Brett and myself(Jesse) for an article that ran in last Saturday's paper. Titled "Good riddance to absentee city landlords",  the article stresses the frustration and problems many out-of-state landlords experience when trying to remotely operate a property particularly in the Rochester area.  RocRooms has come to the rescue of many out-of-state property owners and turned their struggling properties around.    

The article highlights our Brooksview property that we purchased and renovated.  For this property it became too late for the homeowner to turn it around.  It was in serious disrepair when we purchased it, but with time we were able to redesign the property in a way that our residents really loved.  To see some pictures of this property, check out our flickr account here.

The D&C article link: Good riddance to absentee city landlords.