Graduate Students Seek Studious Atmosphere in RocRooms

by haley 16. July 2012 06:27

At RocRooms, we offer the type of housing environment that graduate students seek.  Over the past year, we’ve received increased interest from graduate students at RIT and UofR because we provide an atmosphere conducive with rigorous university programs. 

We have rules against parties and limit the number of guests (5 per home) so that the home remains comfortable for all roommates.  Graduate students find peace of mind living with RocRooms because of our rules and communication with tenants. 

Many graduate students look for single rooms and live with other students that they have not met before.  We can set prospective tenants up with each other’s contact information so that everyone can communicate before making final decisions.  Usually roommates get along fine because we have rules that are for everyone’s benefit and easy to follow.  If there happens to ever be a problem with a roommate, we encourage communication and have a warning system if rules are not followed.

We also provide you with all furnishings so that you don’t need to move heavy furniture all the way from home to Rochester.  You also won’t have to waste your time and money buying new furniture.  If there is ever a problem with the home that requires maintenance, simply fill out a maintenance request form online and we will fix it as soon as possible.

We understand that Graduate school is expensive and offer rooms at competitive prices.  You can’t find more affordable housing on campus.  The average rent for a RocRoom is about $600/month for a 12-month lease.   This all-inclusive rent is paid in one easy online, monthly payment and includes all costs: rent, utilities, heat, electric, wireless Internet, cable, laundry, water, cleaning service, lawn maintenance, and snow removal. 

Sometimes, problems with housing can be a distraction and we do everything we can to minimize the effort you spend making housing work for you.  We do the work so that you don’t have to.  We want to make housing simple for students so that you have extra time and energy to focus on you number one priority: education.  

Transfer Student? RocRooms will make your transition smooth!

by haley 5. July 2012 05:05

If you are transferring to a school in the Rochester area, RocRooms can make the transition of changing schools and towns so much easier.  We provide all furnishings to make the move easier- you don’t even need to bring cookware!  We also supply basic cleaning supplies so you don’t have to worry about that either. 

We understand that you are looking to start fresh in Rochester and the last thing you want is even more debt from living in expensive on-campus housing.  Our student housing is affordable and convenient.   The monthly bill is all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about separate bills for utilities, Internet, cable, etc.  All of these expenses are included in your online bill and each home has wireless Internet, cable, and a television.

Since you are transferring, housing with RocRooms is ideal because we find roommates for you and each student has a separate lease- you don’t have to worry about roommates paying their share of the rent!  We show prospective tenants the home and you can receive their contact information if you would like.  If you prefer to live with a specific gender, we pay attention to your preferences and do our best to meet them.  You can also find your own roommates but it is not a requirement.  We have rules to make the living situation stress-free such as no parties and limiting the number of guests (5 per house).

It’s time to get out of the dorms and into the ROC!  Just because you are transferring schools does not mean living on campus is the best decision.  By living off-campus, you have a level of independence that you can’t get living in cramped, shared, on-campus housing.  Our homes are in close proximity to RIT and UofR so you are close to campus but just far enough away to really experience Rochester. 

RocRooms will provide the peace of mind living situation you are looking for.  Your new room will be a quiet place to study and relax.  Since you have made the decision to change schools, you have enough to worry about with a new campus and new classes- you don’t need to worry about housing when you choose RocRooms.

Keeping Your Home Safe: Helpful Hints

by brett 30. November 2011 04:16

No matter what part of Rochester we may decide to live in, it is allways important to take safety precaustions to keep you and your belongings safe.  One of the most imprtant steps you can take is to introduce youself to your neigbhors, this helps to establish a line of communications and creates a sense of unity.  


Keeping an eye out for one another is a great way to help reduce crime. 


Here are some general safety tips to keep in mind:


  • The greatest deterrent to break-ins is to have your home appear occupied. If you go out, leave on the TV or a radio, as well as lights in various rooms.
  • The harder it is to get into a house, the greater the chance burglars will bypass it. Don't have "hiding places" near doors or windows.
  • Be absolutely sure all the doors and windows are locked. Use heavy duty locks and strike plates.
  • Put a wooden dowel in the bottom track of sliding doors.
  • Leave outside lights on at all times, or install motion detector lights. This is especially important at the rear of your house.
  • If you are broken into, call the police immediately; don't touch anything so the police can dust for fingerprints.
  • Have a neighbor keep a watchful eye on your home and return the favor.

Stay safe.

RocRooms Launches Housing Scholarship to Rochester Area Students

by Jesse Casper 22. March 2010 09:43

The Summer Student Housing Scholarship awards the full cost of a RocRooms off campus room for the summer semester (5/15/2010 to 8/28/2010). The scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence, individual character and need. To be officially entered, please fill out the application form and personal statement below. The scholarship is open to students accepted to any university in the Rochester, NY area.

If you are interested in the program, you may learn more here:

Rochester Student Housing Scholarship 

Student's Guide To Rochester: Lovin' Cup

by Jesse Casper 25. March 2009 05:44

Lovin' Cup is a full cafe bistro with an inimite environment inspired by art, music and community. Located at 300 Park Point Drive, Lovin' Cup offers a full menu with unique options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night.  Lovin' Cup is an all-encompassing experience.  An eclectic mix of music can be heard continuously within the cozy cafe, with live acts six nights a week.  All of these things come together to form the 'beautiful buzz' that is Lovin' Cup. Check out their website, and if you would like to perform, contact Leslie Zinck at


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