Student's Guide To Rochester: Lovin' Cup

by Jesse Casper 25. March 2009 05:44

Lovin' Cup is a full cafe bistro with an inimite environment inspired by art, music and community. Located at 300 Park Point Drive, Lovin' Cup offers a full menu with unique options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night.  Lovin' Cup is an all-encompassing experience.  An eclectic mix of music can be heard continuously within the cozy cafe, with live acts six nights a week.  All of these things come together to form the 'beautiful buzz' that is Lovin' Cup. Check out their website, and if you would like to perform, contact Leslie Zinck at


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St. John Fisher Housing Fair a Success

by brett 20. March 2009 05:31

We were lucky to be invited to the housing fair at St. John Fisher College this year.  A big thanks goes to Rich Calabrese from  With about 200 students attending, I had the opportunity to inform the students about the advantages of choosing RocRooms.  In the future, we plan to expand closer to Fisher and Nazareth as we get interest from students looking for off campus housing near both schools.




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Novel Atmosphere Appeals to Serious Students

by Jesse Casper 19. March 2009 04:55

A company named RocRooms focusing on quality student housing found early success, now managing 36 rooms.

Click Here For Entire Article: RBJRocRooms.pdf (233.61 kb)


Published in the Rochester Business Journal on December 19, 2008